19' Electric Scissor Lift

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Elevate your work site productivity with our lightweight electric scissor lift—a tailor-made solution for tasks emphasizing expansive workspace and lift capacity over extended reach and height. Experience the versatility of a scissor lift featuring a platform height of 19’ and a maximum working height reaching 25′. The spacious platform, measuring up to 64” x 29”, comes equipped with a 36″ extension deck, providing additional work area to maximize efficiency.

With a robust platform capacity of up to 500 lbs, this lift accommodates two workers simultaneously, equipped with tools and supplies, ensuring optimal productivity on the job. Maneuver effortlessly through tight spaces, as the dual front-wheel-drive unit is designed to fit seamlessly through a single doorway. The slab lift is equipped with non-marking tires, making it ideal for delicate flooring. Moreover, this electric-powered scissor lift is drivable at full height and recommended for use on flat and stable surfaces.

Weighing approximately 2,710 lbs, this transport-friendly lift offers convenient mobility for your dynamic work environment. Prioritize safety by wearing a harness while operating aerial lifts. Transform your work experience with our innovative lightweight electric scissor lift.


Parameter Value
Fuel Type
Overall Dimensions
74"L x 30"W
Platform Capacity
500 lbs
Platform Extension
36 "
Platform Height
19 '
Platform Size
72" x 27"
Power Source
24V DC
Retracted Height
79 "
2630 lbs